New Stromberg 97's
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setups.  Specializing in Stromberg 97 / 48 / 81's
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Dis-spell some
myths regarding
Strombergs.  Help assist you in deciding
which setup is proper for you needs.  We
diagrams, parts list, and even a CFM
(cubic feet per minute) calculator to help you
determine your realistic engine needs.  
Obviously our business is selling
Strombergs, but they as in anything aren't
for everyone or every application.

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We have linkage, fuel delivery, intakes, etc.
to complete your setup
Labor to Rebuild Your core with the following: Reconditioned Stromberg 97/48, Ultra-sonicaly cleaned, lightly bead blasted, base/throttle body powder coated gloss black or not your choice, body and air horn shot with Eastwoods pewter or left raw casting your choice, new gaskets, inlet valve and seat, idle check valve, power valve, o-rings, idle adjustment screws, stainless steel screws and washers. YOUR Core Must be rebuildable additional parts if required.
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Mr Stromberg
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we can finish almost any way you prefer.  Natural
state (after bead blasting - old school), gold, clear(to
stop rust of the throttle body), etc.  Just tells us how
you want them (except chrome) additional costs.
Reproduction version of one of the most popular carburetors ever used, the original Stromberg 97! Original equipment on '30s and '40s cars and trucks, the Stromberg 97 has long been favored by flathead hot rodders and racers who realized the performance qualities of this timeless fuel supplier. Aluminum throttle body. No 97 logo.
Speedway 9-Super-7!!!
For Sale!!!  Ultra-Rare!!!
4x2 - 1938-1953 Flathead with Stromberg 81's.
As Pictured:
Un-ported Weiand 4x2 Aluminum Flathead Intake
4 - Large Logo Stromberg 81's (fully re-manufactured with Genuine
Stromberg Rebuild kits)
4x2 Straight Ball Bearing Linkage
4 Port Polished Fuel Block with Hard fuel line utilizing "Ford Fittings"
Fuel Pressure Gauge all mounted on a custom fuel pump block-off plate.
Stainless Steel Oil Fill Tube and Filler Top
Scoops with Screens
As shown - $2995.00
Call to purchase - this is the one and only!
Genuine Stromberg 97-Built to original Stromberg blueprint specification, with key improvements. Black lacquered cast iron base Factory-set brass float, made in the USA on original dies Reinforced airhorn lid eliminates leaks A big 97 and all the other correct markings Twin-ball S-jet inlet valve High tech cellulose/nitrile gaskets 162cfm out of the box
New Stromberg 97's