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Flathead Exhaust Baffles - Prevents exhaust dilution of combustion charge and exchange between center cylinders. A "must" for higher performance Ford flathead V8s
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NGK B6L is are high performance spark plugs for your Ford Flathead - the best!
Dist Flathead Ford 49-53, 8-BA Flathead Distributor, If you have a later model Flathead, manufactured from '49-'53, MSD has you covered. Distributor is built around a CNC machined billet aluminum housing and feature a maintenace-free magnetic pickup so there are no points to worry about. A precision reluctor is mounted to a QPQ coated steel shaft which is guided by a sealed ball bearing for accurate timing signals throughout the entire rpm range. The distributor also offers an easy-to-adjust mechanical advance assembly. Chrome moly weights move smoothly on nylon pads and different advance springs and stop bushings are supplied so you can custom tailor a timing curve to match your engine’s requirements. The distributors is supplied with a depth setting gauge, gear, cap and rotor. Ready-to-Run Flathead. This distributor features an ignition module that is built into the billet aluminum housing. This distributor drops in the engine and connects with only three wires! There is also a vacuum advance canister to increase cruising economy.
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Dist Flathead-Front 3 Bolt, Pro-Billet Front Mount Flathead Distributors, Early Flathead racers and cruisers alike will be excited to see these new front mount Flathead Distributors! These distributors are built around a CNC machined billet aluminum housing for precise tolerances. The distributor is topped off with MSD’s new Crab Cap with spark plug style terminals for improved wire connections. Just under the cap and Rynite race rotor is MSD’s adjustable mechanical advance. This assembly features chrome moly construction with tig-welded weight pins to secure the precision fine blanked weights. MSD supplies different advance springs and stop bushings so you can dial-in an advance curve to meet your Flathead’s specs. Just under the advance is MSD’s race proven magnetic pickup. This pickup, combined with a reluctor, produces accurate trigger signals that are responsible for firing the MSD Ignition Control. Bring your Flathead up-to-date with MSD performance. NOTE: Must be used with an MSD 6, 7, 8 or 10 Series Ignition
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Snaps over the stock Ford flathead or aftermarket head nuts. Quick and easy to install. 48 Pieces - 11/16" size.
Gas Alley Streetrods
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Original Equipment (OE) style of crankcase vent for your Ford flathead. Black baked enamel finish.
Original Equipment (OE) style of crankcase vent for your Ford flathead. Chrome finish.